Some interesting facts about the Salon Varietes
The Salon was built in 1925 and actually ran as a theatre until 1956 when it was turned into a cinema. It showed films in Spanish and once a week films in English which was a wonderful treat for the ex-pats in those days.
Spearheaded by Mike Lewin and Annie Spiers a determined group of people negotiated a long term lease on The Salon with the landlord, Manuel Balbuena, who was delighted at the prospect of the theatre coming to life once more. With the blood, sweat, toil and probably a few tears from a hard-working core of dedicated people, most of whom are still very active in the theatre today, everything was changed - except the name - and the place we all know and love as The Salon Varietes was born.

It opened its doors for the first time on June 14th 1985: on the bill was one Bernard Stanley Bilk - better known as Acker Bilk, accompanied by his Paramount Jazz band.

The Salon offers a wide choice of productions: musicals, drama, revues, comedies and farce making it a unique cultural centre for foreign residents and visitors alike. Over the years it has become a hub for this transient community by offering a cultural and sociable place where people can come and enjoy a wide and varied choice of theatrical experiences.

The Salon Varietes is still the only true live theatre on the Costa del Sol and we are very proud of that fact. The Salon's Board, SALVA, works very hard to maintain the superb standard that has been achieved over the years by a dedicated band of extremely talented people. Some have been involved in the professional theatre and now give their knowledge generously and gladly to keep the doors of the Salon open.

In June 2010 the Salon celebrated its 25th Anniversary and that is thanks to all the people past and present whose hard work and dedication have made the Salon Varietes what it is today. Viva Salon Varietes!